Iron Man Mark VI (2)

The Mark VI armor differs little from the Mark III and Mark IV platform; the main difference being a triangular-shaped chestplate protecting the arc reactor assembly. The major changes are to the shoulders and legs, and convey a more linear appearance that, according to concept artist and visual development supervisor Ryan Meinerding, make "Iron Man look like he's built for flying." The suit was also designed for the greater amount of fist fighting on the ground seen in the second Iron Man movie. The new model was shown using two weapons not show in previous models: a multi-fire adhesive grenade launcher in the upper arm, and a one-time-use hand-mounted laser weapon, powerful enough to cut through several Hammer Drones cleanly in half. The Mark VI has the ability to operate underwater, as Stark uses it to activate the arc reactor connected to Stark Tower. It is also able to withstand combat with the Asgardian Thor and was capable of absorbing lightning from Thor's hammer Mjolnir (increasing the suit's power level to over 400% capacity) and redirecting the energy back at him. The armor retains the red and gold color scheme, but was designed by Adi Granov and Phil Saunders to be sleeker than the Mark III.

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