Iron Man Mark V

Also introduced in the second film is the Mark V travel armor, a portable suit developed for emergency use that is lightweight and flexible enough to take the form of a briefcase that's handcuffed to Happy Hogan. The armor is deployed as Stark is forced into a confrontation with Ivan Vanko in Monaco. By kicking open the case, inserting his hands into the protruding gloves and placing the main assembly onto his chest, the armor folds out around Stark, quickly forming into a full red-and-silver armor. This armor is shown to be durable enough to withstand the focused repulsor energy of Vanko's energy whip attacks, though it sustained heavy internal and external damage. While this model features the palm-mounted repulsors, any potential flight capability is not shown (while in the game based on the second movie it is established that the suit can fly, but it takes all of its power just to keep Tony airborne, preventing him from carrying anything else). Because of how form-fitting the suitcase suit was required to be, the production team researched some of the classic comics armors, since they were seen as essentially variations on muscle suits. One specific aspect of an earlier armor was the color scheme from the Silver Centurion armor.

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