Iron Man Mark III

The armed red/gold Mark III prototype armor was the last armor built in the first film and was built with a gold-titanium alloy (a fictional composite used in the Seraphim series of Stark Industries' satellites) to resolve the freezing problem. Like the Mark II, the Mark III has a holographic HUD and to operate with remote assistance from JARVIS manage the armor's systems at Stark's command and also have variable control surfaces for active flight control by JARVIS to automatically stabilize the suit in flight. Like the Mark I and II, the Mark III was able to protect the occupant from the effects of extreme g-forces. It was able to withstand small arms fire, an explosion from a tank shell (the shell exploded in close proximity to Stark, resulting in a fall from several thousand feet up), followed by hits by 20mm Vulcan shells and a high speed collision with an F-22 Raptor with only minimal cosmetic damage. In addition to repulsors, it was armed with anti-tank missiles on the wrists, anti-personnel guns on the shoulders that could pick out individual targets, and flare launchers on the hips. When Stark reverted to the original reactor after the second reactor was stolen by Stane to power the Iron Monger suit, the first reactor had great difficulty providing enough power to the Mark III suit, being depleted to around a fifth of its power supply simply by flying Stark from his home to Stark Industries, with the last 20% being exhausted and was extremely damaged in the fight against Stane in the Iron Monger armor. The second film shows that Stark displays the Mark III prototype within his workshop, with the label "Battle Damaged". The Mark III armor's look was inspired by the signature red-and-gold armors in the comics.