Iron Man Mark I

As in the comics, the first armor which Stark builds with Yinsen's help while in captivity in Afghanistan during the first film is crude and bulky. It had the ability to amplify Stark's strength tremendously and protected him from small arms fire. The suit was armed with flamethrowers and a missile launcher, as well as a limited rocket jump capacity to allow Stark to exit the immediate hostile area after he sustained damage to the suit's knee joints during his escape. The suit was also able to protect the occupant from the effects of extreme g-forces. However, the rockets failed shortly after the start and the suit shattered upon landing, which forced Stark to abandon it to attempt to reach friendly territory. Later, Stark's enemies found the abandoned armor, using it as the base design for Obadiah Stane's Iron Monger suit (although Stane still needed to steal the power supply from Stark). The second film shows that Stark displays the Mark I within his workshop, with the label "Reconstruction", and has it apparently retrofitted with an independent arc power source, allowing it to be operated by other users that have access to Stark's lab. The first prototype was based on the original gray suit from Iron Man's first appearance.